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Most people can consume gluten without feeling any side effect.
However, people with gluten intolerance, celiac disease, or wheat allergy cannot tolerate it and should avoid gluten; otherwise, they might experience severe discomfort and adverse health effects like osteoporosis.
Gluten is a group of proteins that exist in wheat, barley, rye, and spelt.
It gives the flour a sticky consistency when mixed with water.
This glue-like property helps gluten create a sticky network that gives the bread the ability to rise when baked.
Unfortunately, many people feel uncomfortable after eating foods that contain gluten. The reason might be Celiac Disease   non-celiac gluten sensitivity, or wheat allergy.

What’s Celiac Disease
Celiac disease affects around 1% of individuals worldwide. It is an autoimmune disorder in which the body confuses gluten proteins with a foreign enemy and attacks them.

Sadly, this attack damages surrounding areas, like the gut wall. It can result in nutrient deficiencies, severe digestive issues like anemia, besides, increase the risk of several harmful diseases.

What’s Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity
Non-celiac gluten sensitivity means feeling uncomfortable after eating gluten. Signs of non-celiac gluten sensitivity are much like people who have celiac disease and include stomach discomfort, bloating, changes in bowel motions, fatigue and psoriasis or a rash.
Individuals who do not have celiac disease; however, believe they could be allergic to gluten may try out a rigorous gluten-free diet for a couple of weeks to find out whether their symptoms improve.
After a couple of weeks, it is possible to reintroduce foods with gluten in your daily diet plan and check for symptoms. In case a gluten-free diet does not help your symptoms, something else is most probably causing your digestive issues.

What’s Wheat allergy
A wheat allergy is a bit different since it can be triggered by proteins aside from gluten. The human body’s reaction, however, is quite similar — it starts an assault against the foreign substances by producing antibodies while some other cells in the body extract chemical messengers inducing the body into the threat. The consequent reaction causes unwanted effects like an itchy rash, nausea, stomach pain, swollen lips or tongue, trouble breathing, and anaphylaxis.
What to expect after following a gluten-free diet?
If you are suffering from one of the conditions mentioned above, after removing gluten of your diet might experience these following positive results.
1. It Might Relieve Your Digestive Symptoms
Many men and women try a gluten-free diet to treat their digestive problems, which include bloating, constipation or diarrhea, gas, fatigue and many other symptoms.
Various studies have demonstrated that a gluten-free diet can help alleviate digestive symptoms for individuals with celiac disease and also non-celiac gluten sensitivity.
2. It Might Boost Your Energy
People with celiac disease often feel exhausted, sluggish or feel brain fog.
Nutrient deficiencies may cause those symptoms because of damage to the gut. For example, iron deficiency can lead to anemia, which is common in celiac disease.
If you have celiac disease, following a gluten-free diet might help increase your energy levels and stop you from feeling tired and sluggish.
3. It Might Reduce Your Inflammation
Inflammation is a natural process that allows the body to deal with and cure the infection.
However, sometimes inflammation can get out of control and last weeks, months or even years. It is called chronic inflammation and might contribute to various health issues.
A Gluten-free diet can decrease chronic inflammation in people who have celiac disease and also non-celiac gluten-sensitivity.
Research has proven that a gluten-free diet can reduce markers of inflammation like antibody levels, and will help cure gut damage caused by gluten-related inflammation.
Foods to Avoid
Completely removing gluten of your diet can be challenging because this substance is a common ingredient in many foods.
These are the main sources of gluten:
•    Wheat-based foods like wheat bran or flour, spelt, durum, Kamut and semolina
•    Barley
•    Rye
•    Malt
•    Brewer’s yeast

•    Triticale
Below are some foods that usually contain gluten:
•    Breads
•    Pastas
•    Cereals, unless labeled gluten-free.
•    Baked goods such as cakes, cookies, muffins, pizza, bread crumbs and pastries.
•    Snack foods. Candy, muesli bars, crackers, pre-packaged convenience foods, roasted nuts, flavored chips and popcorn, pretzels.
•    Sauces, beverages, and other foods (unless labeled gluten-free).

Going gluten-free is not very easy and means rethinking how you shop, cook, and order in restaurants. With education and effort, you can make confident choices about foods that taste good plus are suitable for you.
Unlike many modern diets, the gluten-free diet is more than just a fad since for many people, it’s a medical necessity. Even a decade ago, the gluten-free diet was largely a mystery except to people with celiac disease. Today, however, going gluten-free has become something of a trend. Restaurants have started to offer gluten-free menus, and gluten-free food companies are becoming more and more numerous.
Today more than ever, it is easy to follow the gluten-free diet without completely overhauling your life. If you are considering making the switch to the gluten-free diet and don’t know how to start, we are here to help you.
How to go gluten free with Hillcrest KwikSpar
First, substitute all your staple foods with non-gluten versions and then when buying every snack or other food pay attention to their labels to be sure they are gluten-free as most products have gluten hidden in them.
1-Gluten Free Breads
Cauliflower & Spinach Bread is a great way to start following a gluten free diet.

Hannam & Co Breads also are gluten free, sugar free, and dairy free that makes it a great alternative for Gluten intolerant people, vegans, and diabetics.


2-Gluten Free Pasta and Noodles
Pasta is one of the world’s most accessible foods. Nearly every country has its own unique version of this popular, inexpensive staple. Pasta originally is made from wheat flour, but fortunately, today, its gluten-free versions can be found in most grocery stores.

Happy Earth People Chickpea Pasta’s made from nothing but 100% pure Chickpeas that cook for only 6 minutes.

Organic Edamame Spaghetti is great for pasta lovers looking for a gluten free alternative. But it there is more. It’s vegan, guilt-free, and straight up tastes like normal pasta!


No calorie Shirataki Noodles are gluten-free goodness, with less guilt.

3-Gluten Free Pizza Base
This carrot pizza base is as visually appealing as it is delicious. Perfect base for your favourite pizza topping.

Or you can make your own pizza base with this gluten-free premix.

4- Gluten Free Baked Goods
These gluten-free, chewy, and irresistible cookies make the world a better place!

It is perfect solution for those looking for a gluten-free option to enjoy with your favourite hot drink.

These healthy and gluten-free Chai Nutty Bites are sweet, tasty and totally delicious!

Irresistibly crunchy and packed with chunks of chocolate tasting carob, this all butter gluten-free biscuit is a real treat.

5- Gluten Free Flour
You can always choose gluten free flour to make your own cake and cookies.
Nude Fude’s Salted Caramel Maca Balls contain the superfood Maca, which is great for balancing your pH and hormones, as well as boost immunity. These are non-bake so they are super easy to make!

This coconut gluten free bread premix is light, fluffy and easy to make. Perfect for sandwiches or baking cake.

Banana Bread has never been simpler or healthier. This Macro Mixes premix delivers a smack of flavor, fiber and protein, so it’s super filling.

Going gluten-free shouldn’t be a chore. It should be easy, convenient and delicious! And these Macro Mixes Protein Vegan Chocolate Brownies are exactly that.

By eating this low-calorie, gluten-free cake premix you won’t feel guilty.

This Gluten free premix gives you all the pleasure and texture of the classic one.

6-Gluten Free Snacks
Earth & Co Brown Rice Crisps

Cheaky Co Orbs

Herbivore Super Cereal

Life Bake Crackers

Our range of Gluten Free Products is growing  every month , so take the time to browse what is new on the shelf. Please flag us down in-store and we will be happy to show you around the Gluten free products we have in stock. Let us know how your journey is progressing in the comments section. Hope to see you  soon at Hillcrest Kwikspar. Kind Regards Mike,Leigh, Carmen ,Savannah and the Hillcrest Kwikspar Team