• Have a budget. Having a budget is an obvious starting point to work out what your disposable income is within this budget and obviously one would have groceries as a line item.
  • Write a list. Going to a supermarket without a pre-determined house hold list is a bad idea.
  • Take a calculator when shopping. This will help you stick to your budget and can also help you compare pricing by converting rands paid for an item into the volume per kg/lt in-order to work out volume deals.
  • Look at store brands. Store brands often offer great value without compromising on quality.
  • Shop seasonal products. When products are out of season they are imported from other areas and thus you are paying premium. So it is good to understand the seasons of products like fresh produce when it comes to menu planning.
  • Fresh vs Frozen. If a product is out of season it can often be found as frozen and in most instances frozen offers better value.
  • Cook and Freeze. Often quantities purchased at a supermarket come in  greater quantities than recipe values. By multiplying up a recipe and freezing for a second meal reduces food wastage.
  • Nutrient dense meals. In your menu planning try and take the time to prepare nutrient dense meals that end up making you feel fuller for longer.
  • Pro Tip. Meatless days go a long way to not only improve your health and personal well being , but are also light on our budgets with the cost of animal protein increasing during certain periods.https://hillcrestkwikspar.co.za/shop/product-subcategory/186
  • Store loyaly cards. These cards seem to offer value on occasion as most retailers want to increase their number of members,  thus seem to drive more rewards through their loyalty programs than traditional discounts.
  • Shop Online. A great way to stick to your budget and follow your spend. Increasingly we see massive discounts being offered to online ONLY customers. https://hillcrestkwikspar.co.za
  • Buy in bulk. The Jury is out on bulk buying because of load shedding. It does not make sense to buy a months load of meat only to have issues with load shedding at home.

In closing the one piece of advice that trumps everything is know what you use and plan to budget.

Hope the article provides you with some food for thought.

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